Christopher Tan

A Guide to #Life for spiritual seekers

One day you will have to wake up

One day you will have to wake up.

Whether it’s in this lifetime, or the next.

When you discover there is a wise voice inside of you waiting patiently and lovingly to give you the secrets of the universe … you will finally begin your quest of true self-discovery and turn inward to listen.

This world is an illusion with many dead paths that will turn you to dust.

What you seek is light, and that can only be found within.


When you’re a kid, you look to your parents, or your elders, to guide you in this life.

But a heart-breaking realization occurs as you get older, when you look to those same people who you thought had it all figured out – and they don’t have the answers you’re seeking.

“Why am I alive?”

“How do I change the world?”

“What is my purpose?”

“How do I retire at the ripe age of 30 and travel the world pursuing my passions and ACTUALLY making a tangible difference on the planet?”

And on and on the list of life-changing questions go with the power to truly transform one’s life if one has the courage to embrace them.

What if no one has the answer to the questions you seek?

What if your very existence is the answer to the question?

Maybe there are people out there that are puzzle pieces to the puzzle that is your life.

But aren’t you the God-hand that moves these pieces about, that plays with them, that makes the choice to piece together this grand puzzling beauty?

Trust that your heart’s questions will guide you to your answers.

Be brave, soul.

Ignore the noise of this world. Just look at it! It is unwise and knows nothing.

Make time to listen to your Self, and follow the heart of your intuition, fueled by inspiration, sharpened by the force of reason.

The path is in front of you and you have everything you need where you are to move forward.